Welcome to Ambrose Landscape Photography

I remember nearly two decades ago while on a nature photography trip to the Canadian Rockies, I found myself lying in a grassy meadow, looking up at the sky watching the clouds roll by, and thinking, “I wish I could do this everyday.” Shortly thereafter I officially started Ambrose Landscape Photography. This small act of staring at the sky has since given me many experiences within, and above nature, and continues to make me look at the world through very different eyes. Through the magic of nature photography and free flight, I truly found out who I was, what was important, and how I wanted to live my life. Since that day, life has been and continues to be a marvelous and fluid adventure.
–Jeffrey Ambrose

Below is our latest video produced alongside The DEAF Crew showcasing some winter paragliding through the Wasatch Mountains.  Enjoy, and share!

We hope you will enjoy, interact, and be inspired by the visions presented here. If you wish to purchase images or request our services, please contact us.