This image was actually captured yesterday….on Thanksgiving.  While most people were snuggled up with their turkey dinner inside warm homes, I found myself battling the winter wind.  Honestly, I wouldn’t wish it any other way, as spending a few quiet moments in the wild mountains is my own way of expressing thanks.  As evening was approaching I was following a couple of male bighorn sheep not far from Grand Teton National Park.  Wild animals are not always predictable, but sheep and goats generally like an established perch to gaze from.  With that thought in mind, I decided to set up a shot in hopes that one would make their way to the edge and offer a kingly silhouette.  As dusk approached, the older male ventured to the edge for a brief moment.  A moment which serves as a thankful reminder that we live on an amazing earth and share it with amazing creatures.

Bighorn Silhouette




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