JEFF AMBROSE | Photographer | Adventurer

jeff_profile-300x300I was born and raised in the shadow of Little Cottonwood Canyon in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains. It was a unique place to be raised and instilled in me an everlasting passion and reverence for all things wild. My older brother and I spent most of our adolescent years running through, over and all around these beautiful mountains. Some 40+ years later, some things never change. Back then the Wasatch was still wild, a bit untouched and offered a unique bed of earth to explore and learn of the true mysteries that nature so freely offers. To this day the Wasatch is still my home, and I still live amidst the shadow of the canyon in search of mysteries yet unturned.

I began photographing nature subjects at a young age and through the years have been lucky enough to pursue many adventures in the wild. My photographic experiences led me into the intimate portions of western North America, from Arizona to the northern reaches of Alaska….and everything in between. Through nearly 20 years as a professional photographer I have been honored to work with such great organizations. A few such as the US National Park Service, Canadian National Park Service, Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI), Utah Travel Council, Utah Film Commission, and many environmental organizations such as the Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy, SUWA, and Save Our Canyons.

The pursuit of nature photography gradually led me to higher and higher vantage points, and when the earth ended it was time to step up into the sky. Being an avid paraglider pilot, as well as a photographer, gives me a unique opportunity to promote this magical sport. This branch of my photography continues to be an amazing journey, and one I do not take lightly. In an effort to promote the sport in a positive manner I founded the Wasatch Free Flight group, the DEAF Crew, and I am honored to be the only U.S. Team Pilot for Skywalk Paragliders.

Living within the shadow of the mountains gives me the opportunity to photograph and fly nearly every single day.