As Autumn officially comes to a close as the first real winter storm approaches, I have to step back and take a look over the last few weeks.  It continues to be some great flying, and we seem to have transitioned from the thermal days of summer, to the hike-n-fly conditions of winter.  Paul, Matt and I have been spending a lot of time on Granduer, Roman and I ended up flying Cherry Canyon one more time, and Matt and I got a great flight off the North Side at The Point.  It is a very rare occurrence to get the entire Point to yourself, but Matt and I received that privilege…rewards to those who are not afraid to hike.  Beautiful glass of conditions and flying in the smooth cold air.

With Autumn ending, I look excitedly towards the joys of winter flying.  It seems most pilots have holed up for the winter, but for us, flying is ALWAYS good, and every season has its rewards.

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