If you have ever wondered what Paragliding is, what it feels like, or perhaps why people like us pursue it with unrelenting passion, I present Flying Under Fabric.  A short film explaining why we do it, and what draws us to fly with nothing but some fabric and string.  I hope you enjoy:

Latest video project “Flying Under Fabric” now complete.

In the making of this project I am extremely thankful to all those who have participated.  Thankful to Clark for helping make some of these unique shots “possible” with all his inventions and talents.  Some of these shots have been years in the making and development of the “right way” to capture the moment.  It just wouldn’t be possible without Clark’s dedication to finding ways of “capturing the shot.”  Thanks to all those who were willing to sit down and share their thoughts about paragliding.  Also, thanks to everyone who was willing to get out and fly with us, as it is always a pleasure rubbing shoulders with so many great, friendly, and fun to be around pilots.

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