It has been a rather gloomy week as winter begins to sink her teeth in along the Wasatch Front.  I love all the seasons of the year, but the older I get the more I seem to like winter the least as it cuts through my very bones.  However, with winter comes the beautiful blue and purple hues only to be found lingering in the cold air of the season.  The following image is a reminder to me of the subtle colors that winter offers.  I frequent Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming fairly often as it is close, and offers a plethora of dramatic photographic options.  This particular trip was spur of the moment (like most of them are) just as winter began to loosen its grip on the mountains.  The image was taken as I shivered in the pre-dawn light waiting for the moon to set in the west, just as the morning alpenglow touched the peaks.  I wish I could say the image was completely planned, but the reality is, it was mostly spur of the moment luck.



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