As autumn comes to an abrupt end, and the snow begins to fall, it is a good time to reflect.  Life can often be very mundane; the same schedule day in and day out.  At times it has felt like my life is filled with only the drab, the relentless grind, the longing for wishing, wanting, and working toward a future day.  As I briefly pause and look back over the last few months I realize how much color is actually in my life.  Color shining forth not necessarily in specific adventures, but the friends along the way that embody the color of life.  Paragliding, although beautiful and breathtaking, is a lonesome pursuit once you are in the air.  However, whilst on the ground, this pursuit often presents a colorful collection of personalities.  It is this collection of close knit friends, family, and fellow adventurers that bring so much color to my life.  My feet dangling thousands of feet over the mountains, circling with eagles and touching the clouds…well, that is just a bonus.

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