I think it is basic human nature to start the new year off with a renewed sense of dedication.  It is a time of reflection on lives past, and hopes for the future.  A chance for re commitment to living the life you want, and to become the person you know you can become.  As I personally look backwards on my life, I realize I am pretty blessed and lucky.  I have a great family, career, faith, and wonderful friends to share  the most exhilarating dream of my life…the dream of flight.

Paragliding the New Year 2012 from DEAF Crew on Vimeo.

Living on the knife edge of the present, my friends and I take advantage of this wonderful New Year’s day to share it together in the sky.  We converge on West Mountain, Utah on a perfectly calm, sunny, and cold day. There is little snow, but cold enough to freeze the lake below.  We take several flights off both sides of the mountain, in super smooth air.  The last flight out to the west was met with some stronger winds and turbulence, but the views beautiful.

As the morning ends and afternoon approaches, Paul and I have just not yet had enough flying for one day, so we leave the group behind and head to Provo.  A perfectly sunny evening for a sled run off The Y and down into Provo.  The flight is smooth and a wonderful way to cap the day.

This short video was captured from a single day of flying with my fellow members of the DEAF Crew, and other pilots.  Armed with 3 new cameras and a new sponsorship from GoPro it was a great opportunity to try out the brand new HD Hero2.  I think the cameras have wonderful picture quality and it was fun to experiment with them today.

As I now look forward to the coming year, I am hopeful and excited to see where the sky will take me next.  Thankful for every single time my feet leave the ground.  Just leaving the ground is a miracle, and puts a smile on my face no matter how long or how short the flight is…I am just stoked I am flying. Often when I am in the air I have to pause and remind myself of how many people only get to dream about doing this, and here I am.  How lucky, and how thankful for such a great life.

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