Fourteen years ago today my wife and I were twenty something days into a very long voyage through the upper reaches of North America. We were living strictly out of our truck at the time pushing as deep into wild country as we could. Far from hotels, restaurants or running water for that matter. Just our trusty truck, stocked with food and film. It was a special time in life, one that taught significant photographic and more importantly life lessons that I am confident could have never been learned any other way.

 Why do I bring this up? Over the last twenty something days I have been reflecting on this past journey, retracting my journal and photographic collection day for day. Thus far it has been a very engaging mental exercise; one that keeps flooding my heart with memories and emotions I have not felt in years.

 I pause for a few moments, look out the window and see the clouds below rushing past our wingtips once again en route to the wild lands of Alaska. I realize today marks the exact day fourteen years ago that Allison and I first made our way into the southern reaches of Alaska.  Fitting, as I stare out the window.  I come for a different reason this time, but the mental anxiety and excitement of Alaska never seems to fade.

The allure of flying some fabric and string across some remote ranges of Alaska is too much to resist. We have been planning this adventure for some time, and it is thrilling to see it finally come together. This adventure is simply called The Alaska Project for now, but will likely morph into something more dynamic as it gets underway….these such adventures always do. As I continue to stare out the window and reflect on the life changing adventures of the past, I am energized to forge some new ones over the next several dayS. Stay tuned!

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